Budget-Friendly No-Frills Stress Relievers

There are times when you have to deal with impossible days that drain you of energy.  A million things to do at home.  Perhaps a full-time 9 to 5 job.  School works with tight deadlines.  Or maybe some life issues.  But whatever it is you’re coping with, a moment of pause could help you regain momentum. 

These no-frills stress relievers help me every time (they are budget-friendly too!), so it would be good to give them a try and experience the simple wonders they could do!  Relax, de-stress and enjoy!


Beach walking. 

Even before I moved to a coastal suburb, I’ve always loved driving down to the beach to de-stress.  Beach walking helps me to relax…imagine the fresh sea breeze, sound of the waves, view of the sunset (or sunrise), blue of the ocean and sky.  Life is good!


Foot spa at home.  

Once while I was in Target, I noticed a lone box of home foot spa set so I checked it out and ended up buying (it was super affordable!).  A bubbling foot soak (with just a few drops of apple cider vinegar or eucalyptus oil, or a teaspoon of foot bath salt) is so simple yet so relaxing!  Having a foot spa at home will also save you time and money in the long run as you don’t have to book an appointment and pay for the salon visit (super budget-friendly)!


Read a book.  

Pick up whatever book you like to read and it will surely take you to a different world!  You may check out free ebooks on the web (try: https://www.free-ebooks.net/) …or books at your local library (I just love the feel and smell of books so my local library is definitely my go-to!).


Journal writing.  

I love writing in my journals (I have 2!).  It helps me unwind after a long day and unload negativities (I remember after my mom passed on many years ago, one of my good friends gave me a nice little journal to help with the grieving process…writing on it definitely helped me so much!).  You can pick up a notebook at your local shop or write on an e-journal. Try it…it works!


Get a massage.  

You can get a massage in different ways…you can ask a loved one to give you a quick massage or you can get some pampering on your own if you have a dependable lounge massager at home or one of those inexpensive wooden foot massagers (or perhaps you can find a cheap massage option at your local wellness salon).  A year ago, I decided to gift myself with a reasonably-priced lounge back massager which gives me 15 minutes of bliss and is enough to pick me up!



Eucalyptus and lavender are the best scents for me.  I use eucalyptus oil in my foot soak and in my aroma diffusers, and lavender oil on my pillows.  What’s your favorite scent?  Enjoy!


Coloring book.  

I was feeling distracted one day so I went into a bookstore to look for a good book, but found a coloring book for grown-ups instead!  Absolutely a fun stress buster!


Hug a loved one. 

There’s nothing like the human touch, so hug a loved one!  And if it helps to have a conversation (over coffee, tea, or food) with your loved one about happy things, then do it!



Think happy thoughts ü…and count your blessings!


Beat stress in the simplest ways!

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