Finding Life’s Simple Joys (even in a crisis)

With the current coronavirus crisis, most of us are stuck indoors unable to do our normal activities outside of home.  So we may feel anxious, lonely or bored. But it’s good to remember that there are things we can do while at home to help ease the situation.

I know it’s easier said than done, but we can try some practical tips and see what works for us…and aim to find life’s simple joys in the everyday!


Spend more quality time with your family.

Now that you have lots of time on your hands, being there for your family and spending more quality time together (e.g., longer chats over dinner, more bedtime stories, longer playtimes, watching shows together, cooking or washing the dishes together, etc) is one of the most wonderful things you can do while at home!

Reconnect with old friends.

This is a good time to get in contact with old friends and catch up on lost time.  It’s always good to reminisce about happy memories and plan future catch-ups too!

Reach out to others.

It’s good to reach out to your family or friends when you’re feeling anxious or lonely and it’s also good to reach out to others who are in need (that includes your neighbor too).  As they say: “A joy shared is a double joy. A burden shared is half a burden.”  So pick up the phone or go online and have a chat!

Catch up on your reading.

Haven’t had the chance to finish reading that book because you have always been too tired you couldn’t stay up reading?  Now is the time!


Catch up on your writing.

Write that novel/book/blog that you have started but still haven’t managed to finish.  When will you ever have the time to sit down and finish your writing?

Finish an old project.

Finish that old project that you haven’t touched for a while (e.g., that sweater you were knitting,  the teacups you were hand-painting, etc) and you would definitely be happy you did!

Try that new recipe.

It’s time to try that new recipe that you’ve always wanted to try.  Who knows what else you could create in the kitchen?  (Try these super-easy recipes: 15 Easy Homemade Bread Recipes and  11 Quick & Easy Pantry Meal Ideas,  and make home cooking a breeze!)

Organize your pantry.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Do your pantry shelves and containers need some labeling?  Do you often miss the expiry dates because there’s just too much stuff in the pantry you forget which ones should be consumed first?  Organize. Your.  Pantry. 


Spring-clean your home or room.

You’ve got an abundance of time waiting to be used.  What better time to do a spring clean than now!  (Read Simple Tips for a Better Home for some practical ideas…)


Redecorate your home.

If you’re feeling bored, your home could benefit from your ennui.  You can redecorate your home by rearranging the furniture, putting up an unused painting that has just been sitting in the garage, framing old photos, replacing an old centerpiece with a handmade one, etc.

Plant in your garden.

To while away your time, you can go out into your garden, enjoy the sunshine and plant a tree.  You can also plant some herbs or vegetable seeds in pots on your porch.  This will also give you the chance to grow your own fresh produce and do something good for the environment!


Catch up on sleep.

Finally, you’ve got more time at home.  Now there’s no reason you can’t catch up on sleep!  Getting enough sleep is good for your immune system.  (Read  15 Tips to Improve Sleep  and sleep your way to health!)

Get into that exercise/yoga program.

Start that exercise/yoga program you’ve always wanted to try.  You can do it in any comfy area in your home.  It has lots of great benefits including relieving stress and anxiety.  (Check out these  Simple Exercises You Can Do at Home  videos!) 

Try a healthier diet.

With the current situation, perhaps you could look at trying a healthier diet to help boost your immune system.  Eating healthier doesn’t mean eating a boring diet.  There are lots of healthy options out there and you just have to be creative in exploring new recipes, creating new ideas, and preparing and cooking what works for you.  (Here are 10 Easy Low-Carb Meal Ideas  for you to try.  And to help you stay on top of your health, check out other top Natural Immunity Booster tips…)


Start a journal and write your thoughts.

Whether positive thoughts or not, writing them down will help you unload worries, reflect on the positives…and create new ideas too!


Enroll in a new course or learn a new craft.

Make the most of your time at home.  Check out online courses or tutorials (you can find lots of free online courses) and learn a new course or craft that interests you.  Grab the chance to grow…you’ll never know what opportunities are waiting for you once everything’s back to normal!


Relearn an old skill.

Take this time to relearn an old skill that you haven’t used for a long time (e.g., a foreign language, knitting, crocheting, etc).  Have fun!

Tidy up the memory space on your devices.

Why not add this to your to-do list?  Cleaning up your mobile phone or computer will free up more space and let you use your devices more efficiently. 

Start planning (#futureoptimism).

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something positive to look forward to?  Start planning your next holiday with all those fascinating adventures and happy things!  Or your wedding (check out these great DIY Wedding Ideas)!  Or a future project!… How exciting!

Do something positive.

Be updated on what’s happening on the news but reduce it to a minimum, and find other positive materials to watch (comedy or feel-good films or shows on TV or Netflix, etc), listen to (podcasts, etc) or read (self-help or inspirational books, interesting novels, etc).  You can also read some Calming Quotes to help keep some positive vibes or do some simple  Stress Relievers to help you regain momentum.

It’s also nice to sing your favorite songs with family/friends while chatting online, play an instrument, play worthwhile games, etc.  Oh, the simple joys of life! ü


There are heaps of other things we can do while stuck at home…and it’s up to us to find the gains and simple joys in them!

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