Simple Tips for a Better Home (your Happy Place!)

There’s no place like home…so wouldn’t it be wonderful to make it the best place where you are truly happy and at ease?

I’m a homebody and in my pursuit of a better place where I can breathe easy and enjoy every minute of being home, I have discovered some simple everyday tricks and tips.  I hope they could help make your home a happy place too!


Protect your home from bugs the natural way.

One super hot afternoon a couple of summers ago, I found a swarm of bees hovering in my balcony (and a few of them even managed to get inside my home!).  After that incident, I swore I won’t let that happen again.  So after doing some research, I started trying natural ways to keep bees and other bugs away (thankfully, they work!).  

Some good options that I have tried (indoors and outdoors): vinegar, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cloves, garlic, peppermint, lemongrass and bay leaf.  Other natural deterrents that you can use:  citronella, cucumber peels, citrus rinds, vanilla extract, basil, rosemary, tea tree and coconut oil.  Another great way to deal with insects such as flies, mosquitoes or roaches is a plant-based multi-insect spray (with natural pyrethrins).  Happy home, happy life!


Use natural air fresheners.

Like anyone, I want to be able to breathe in clean air.  I have tried different air fresheners and realized that nothing comes close to using natural air fresheners that have no (or the least) chemicals.  

For over a year now, I have been using lavender oil and eucalyptus oil that I spray around the house and use on potpourri, reed oil diffuser and electric aromatherapy diffuser.  I just love the clean scent!  Better air, better home!


Clean your home with plant-based products.

It feels so good to have immaculate surroundings, and so much better to not inhale toxic fumes and not have anything harsh on your skin when cleaning your home.  I’m just glad I found good natural replacements.  

I love that I can use eucalyptus oil on just about anything around the house (kitchen, bathroom, glass surfaces, floors, bins, etc)…and even on the laundry!  The dishes are also having so much fun with a good plant-based dishwashing liquid!  Natural is good!


Keep birds from pooping on your fence and gate…even on your car.

It’s really a hassle when just hours after cleaning your fence, gate or car, you find them covered with bird droppings again!  So I have put up anti-bird spikes on the little gates in my balcony (a favorite hang-out for birds!) and have started using a car sunshade that has owl pictures on it (images of birds of prey such as eagle, owl, etc scare birds away!).  If you have this same issue, it’s worth a try!


Reuse old things around the house.

It’s so good to be able to reuse old things and give them a ‘second life’ as this helps reduce wastes.  

I have an old cloth shoulder bag that still looks as pretty as when I bought it in Thailand many years ago, so I decided to use it as a magazine organizer that I hang on the bedroom door.  I also have a nice old stainless water bottle that I now use as a flower vase, a cute old mug I now use as a pencil holder, empty olives bottles as paintbrush holders, old toothbrush now used to clean hairbrushes, etc.  Which of your old stuff can still be reused?  Have fun!


Humidify your home naturally when using the heater.

Indoor heating dries out the air so it’s good to humidify to help add moisture to the air.  Dry skin, parched throat and nosebleed have always been my issues in wintertime.  

So when the heater is on I make sure I switch on my electric aromatherapy diffuser with just plain water in it (sans the essential oil).  If you don’t have one, you can just leave bowls of water in different parts of the house to help with humidity through natural evaporation, or you can hang your newly washed damp clothes inside the house (smells good too!).


Remember, you can use baking soda in many ways.

I use it for cleaning and deodorizing in the kitchen, bathroom and all around the house (sinks, fridge, ovens, tiles, kettle, laundry, etc).  So versatile!


Make your home the best place ever!

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